Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mid Challenge Reminder AND New Digis Release.

Hi Everyone!

Hope you're all set for a great Sunday?

Well, from our present challenge (#11) we will be doing things differently.  Our lovely Sunshine Girls Team has grown and we're split into two smaller teams - Team Lexie and Team Heather.  The teams will be alternating the start of the challenges and the mid challenge  reminder and the new digis we use in the challenge will be released once they've appeared in the challenge. still have until 6 pm (GMT) on Saturday 6 July to get your entries into the Lacy Sunshine Challenge.  If you use a Lacy Sunshine image (and there is always one offered free for every challenge) you will be entered into the Random.Org draw with the chance to win a very nice blinky and $30 to spend in Heather's Lacy Sunshine Store.  You can enter using other images (all must be handcoloured) and you will be eligible for Top Three and GDT and the relevant blinkies.  Also, Top Three each get to choose 2 digis from the Lacy Sunshine Store (excluding pre coloured and retiring).  So head over to the challenge, have a look through the rules and give it a go.

And if you need some inspiration, here are Team Lexie's inspirational projects for the mid challenge reminder. They all feature brand new Lacy Sunshine digis from our Sticky Wings collection which will be in the store later today.

Good luck everyone.
Have a great day and happy crafting!
Coco Sticky Wings

Minti Chipper's Ice Cream

Coco - Skiing

Splitz - Pretty Pose


Coco's Holiday Ornament




Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Lacy Sunshine Stamps  is proud  to present  the Lacy Sunshine Gang's  OZ.

Journey with us into  Lacy Sunshine's World Of Oz and  see the  lovely   creations of our  Design Team  featuring the  Limited Edition Oz Stamps of artist Heather Valentin. 

A  special   thanks  to   my  design team.  You  are   totally  amazing! 

Ad  for those of you   who  want to craft  with  my  Limited  Edition  Lacy Sunshine Gang's Oz... please   visit my  store.

Thank you  and   on  behalf of myself and my  design team...   we  wish  you  a  wonderful  day and thanks  for being our fans.

Until next time~

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sun Shiny Sunday!

Today is  a  wonderful   sunny  day! Today is  also   the  start of  our NEW  Anything  Goes  challenge and Lacy Sunshine's  Super Sunday!

Super  Sunday   means    a  ton of new  digis!  25  NEW  digis    have made their  debut today in my  shop. From Oz to  wonderland and  Sticky Wings and other  fairytale  things....   there is a  stamp for  everyone  for  every  occasion.  

Below  you  can   see the  amazing   creations and   some of the   new  digis making their official  public  debut today.

Enjoy  the   eye  candy  from my   amazing team  and  have a glorious crafting day!

Until next time  my  friends,

Created by Jill

Created by Lynn

Created by Julie

 Created by Lynne GDT

Created by  Deanne

Created by Vicky

Created by Manderly

Created by me, Heather

Copyrights  for Digi Stamps Sole Property of Heather Valentin Lacy Sunshine Stamps.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


With  my Eleanor and Pickles two-week-long  celebration   coming to  a  close, I  feel it is the appropriate time to  clarify  some  ugly rumors and lies circulating  among  bloggers and  other social media sites.

Here  are the  facts....

Fact:  In  June 2012 I created my original and  one and only Eleanor and Pickles. They were the  first of my  many Lacy Sunshine Gang Characters.  

Fact:  In Fall of  2012, another  " artist"  decided to create  knockoffs of my  images. Big-headed girls with the  same  glasses  as my  Eleanor and   even went so far as to   create  a   frog..... naming both extremely  similar names to my  Eleanor and Pickles.
This  was not the  first of  my characters she  has   created that resemble my Lacy Sunshine Gang.  Another  example....My  dinosaur, Tilly, was  infringed upon too.  
When I  come up with a new series,  this "other artist" starts doing  knockoffs. I  am  not the only artist  she  has done this to and I  wont be  the last, I  am sad to  say.  
The  trail of   artists this "person"   has   infringed upon, harassed,  and  dragged our names through the   mud is  a mile long.

Fact: This "other artist's"  game is  to confuse crafters as  to  who   created the  actual  original  image  first.  All  too often  over the  past  few months I  have  had  fans  contacting  me  asking  "Is this  your  image?"  or "Who  created Eleanor and Pickles first?"

Fact:   It is  very   easy  for one to  find the  truth.  Do  your  research.  The Internet  and social  media sites,  facebook  for examples, holds  tremendous  answers.  This   "infringing  artist" claims  she has been  doing these   creations  for  several  years.  If you  study   her  work over   the  past  several  years  you can  see how  it  has  evolved.  Also  on her Facebook, these   similar  characters of  mine began   debuting in the  Fall 2012.  NOT before.  It's  public  record.

Fact:  I hold the  US   copyright  for  every single one of my images with the proper dates.  I will  do   whatever I  need to  to protect my  artwork  and  original  characters.   Period. This is  my heart and soul.  I have  told you before I am the  happiest  when I  paint and  create.  This is  what I  live  for.  It's  about  making  people smile and touching  their  lives with my  art.  I  hope it   shows  in my  work, especially the eyes.. which  are the windows  to my  characters' soul.   I  am  not  a newbie  to the  art  world.  I have  been  creating   since I  was  a littl  girl and   won my  first  art award  at  age   13.  I have  worked  with  major   companies... including but not limited to Nabisco, Coca-Cola, Outback Steak House, Sonoma Wines, Budweiser, Texas Roadhouse, and numerous children's  hospitals across the country. I have   also   had the  pleasure  to  work  on  international projects with  fellow  artists Hoyt and Wyland,  just  to name a few.

Fact:  This other  artist and  her team, in order to  succeed , have  found it  a necessity  to  maliciously  spread rumors about me, to my   fans,  and to  companies and  other  bloggers I work  with.  As  I have mentioned before in another post,  they find it  a necessity  to   stalk  me and  my  fans.  After they  see  who  creates with  my  images,  they  immediately  contact them  inviting them  to  be  guest  designer.....  even to the point of  showering them  with  free  digis! Afterwards, they   enlighten them  with a thousand mistruths  about me , trying to  destroy  my credibility. Maybe they  should spend more time coming up  with  original  art and  crafting instead of  coat-tailing on the  success  of   artist's   like myself.

Fact:  By  supporting this  so-called  artist  you  are  aiding  her  copycat   ways and   giving  the proper  credit  to  whom it  doesn't  belong to.

Fact:  Before believing in  these   malicious  rumors and lies about me,  why   don't  you come to know  me  and  ask me.  I  am  more than willing to  answer  your  questions  and provide  the  truth.

I  hope  this  answers   alot of your  questions.    

NOW   on to  some  exciting  stuff!!!!  Tomorrow   starts   Lacy Sunshine's  new  challenge  and  it's  our  LACY SUNSHINE SUPER SUNDAY... which means  NEW  digis and  surprises.

Until next time,

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eleanor and Pickles Creations by Lynn.

Hi everyone!

Today's  blog post features  the beautiful creations of Lynn, one of my  wonderful  designers, starring  my Lacy Sunshine Gang's most popular duo...Eleanor and Pickles.

All of the digis used below can be found in my Lacy Sunshine Shop.

Eleanor- Circus Clown
 Eleanor- Antheia
 Eleanor and Pickles Rock Stars
 Eleanor and Pickles Dutch Spring
 Eleanor and Pickles Happy Lil Flowers
 Eleanor and Pickles Smores

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful eye candy by Lynn.

Have a wonderful day.
Until next time..

Monday, June 17, 2013

Crafting with Janet starring Eleanor and Pickles

Hiya everyone!

Hope  everyone  had a great weekend.  We are in the last  week of  Lacy Sunshine's  Eleanor and Pickles Celebration  and  today  we  would like to  showcase the  creative work of Janet , who  just happens to be  one of my  wonderful  design team members.
Below are  some wonderful creations  featuring  my dynamic duo Eleanor and Pickles.

Enjoy the  eye candy and  remember  all of these digis featured can be found only in my Lacy Sunshine Shop.

Eleanor and Pickles Tightrope Walkers
 Pickles and Lily Wedding Day
 Eleanor and Pickles Gypsies
 Eleanor and Pickles Mardis Gras
Eleanor and Pickles Diggin Clams

 Have a beautiful day!


Friday, June 14, 2013

Crafting Vicky's Eleanor and Pickles Cards.

Hi everyone! 
Hope you  are   all  having a fabulous day!
Today's post is  about  one of my  Sunshine Girls,  DT Member Vicky.. aka.. Crafting Vicky.

Here  are some of her  wonderful creations featuring  my Lacy Sunshine's  celebrities.... the one and only.. ELEANOR AND PICKLES!

Enjoy these lovely  crafty  creations!

Oh  before I forget the images  below can  only be found in my Lacy Sunshine Shop.

Eleanor  and Pickles- Ninjas
 Eleanor - Queen Vampire
 Pickles- Mad Hatter
 Eleanor and Pickles- The Staches

Until next time...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jill's Creations featuring the original Eleanor and Pickles

Hi crafters!

Today's post  featured the   lovely  creations  by Jill, one of my  Lacy Sunshine DT Members. All featuring  my popular  dynamic duo.. the original .... one and only Eleanor and Pickles.  All of the  digi used  below can be   found only in my Lacy Sunshine  Shop.

Enjoy  the  beautiful eye candy!

Eleanor Circus Clown
 Eleanor and Pickles Gypsies
 Pickles.. Fun In The Rain
 Eleanor Painting Butterflies

 Pickles The Graduate
 and Eleanor Hula Hoop

Have a delightful day!