Monday, December 31, 2012

The Wonder of Wanda!

Hi everyone!

Before I forget, I hope you all have a fabulous night tonight (I'm curled up on the sofa with lappy on lap sipping at a voddie and lemonade - or will be soon!) and that each and every one of you has a wonderful year in 2013.  I have a feeling that it's going to be a very good one indeed.

Well...amongst Heather's brand new releases is this little beauty.  My Jamie absolutely melted when he met her this morning, and has been all gooey and loved up ever since.  Isn't she adorable?'s Heather's little baby girl mammoth.  I should have given Eleanor a change of hair colour with this one, to go with her new hairstyle, and then Wanda would have shown up better, but she's there - having a cuddle!  This really is a lovely digi and is easy to colour.  Because I wanted to do this style of card I had to make it really small which made it harder for me, but still managed it ok. 

This fab digi is for sale at Heather's Lacy Sunshine store right now!

If you want further information about how I made this card, please pay a visit to my blog which is here.

Once again, Happy New Year! everyone.
Take care

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Meet Waldo!

Hi Folks!

hope you're having a good weekend.

I've had a brilliant time this afternoon as Heather has let me loose on one of her brand new digis (of which there are several) which has only just been added to her collection at her Lacy Sunshine store, so pop over and have a look as there are some real stunners over there.

I had a bit of a play this time as I printed the digi onto printable watercolour card and coloured it with my promarkers and it worked like a dream. 

Anyway...without further ado, meet Waldo!

Isn't he absolutely fantastic?  I really do love this one, and so does my little lad, Jamie.  Waldo & Pickles are out doing all the hunter gathering stuff while poor old Eleanor gets left back at the cave doing a bit of spring cleaning. 

I've kept this card really simple as the artwork's just too fabulous to hide away behind loads of bling, but I've told Jamie that Waldo could also be pretty in pink and could become Martha in the next one!  Lol.  And wouldn't it look great in pink?  Or purple, yellow, green...

I'm going to be using this digi a lot.  It's just $3 at the Lacy Sunshine store, so head over and grab it because it really is so fab.  When I've had a bit more practice at colouring it, I'm going to blow it up and frame it to hang in Jamie's bedroom.  He'll be able to go to sleep looking in those big, sad mammoth eyes, lol.

Take care everyone.
Happy crafting!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Digis

Hi Everyone!

I just released a bunch of new digis in my  Lacy Sunshine Shop!

I hope you  enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Thanks for  loving my art so!

By the way... if your on Facebook .. please come  join my Lacy  Sunshine Group. It's a great place for you  to post all your  lovely  cards and creations and mingle with other  crafters.

Here is the link....

Have a wonderful day and Happy crafting!

Until next time....

Friday, December 28, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!

Hi Folks!

It's me again.  I've kind of got very addicted to crafting using Eleanor & Pickles, but today I've given Eleanor a day off.  Think it's actually her birthday as Pickles has been baking and decorating a cake as you can see:

Isn't he just adorable?  Not sure he's going to get that cake safely to Eleanor, though...looks a little bit precarious. 

This is a brand spanking new digi which will be available at Lacy Sunshine very, VERY soon, so watch the store and, obviously, here for more news of all the new designs Heather is coming up with.   If you didn't see it yesterday, scroll down a couple of posts and you'll find a sneak peek at another new digi design from Heather. 

For more information on my card please have a look at my own blog which is here.

Take care everyone.
Happy crafting!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Eleanor & Pickles - Oops...Wrong Skates!

Hi everyone,

hope you're all had a wonderful Christmas?

This is the second post on here today...Heather has posted as well so please scroll down for her post as well as it shows a very special sneak peek!  Oooooh!

Today I have used Heather's fabulous Wrong Skates digi, and it was so lovely to colour and really is so gorgeous.

I've used promarkers to colour this one, and this time I've used slightly darker shades for Pickles so he doesn't end up looking poorly in the photos...think it's worked.

There are more details on this card on my own blog which is here if you'd like to look. 

Absolutely love this huge cheers for Heather for creating it.

Don't forget to look for Heather's post on here today and get that sneak peek.

Take care & happy crafting!

King Of The World

Pickles is  KING OF THE WORLD!

This picture is a sneak peek of  one of my NEW digital stamps to be released soon... at my Lacy Sunshine Shop. 

As  you  know Lacy  Sunshine is  home to my original....the  ONE AND ONLY Eleanor and Pickles and their  friends. There are many wanna be artists who try to  duplicate  my very popular duo but none can cut the  It really is hysterical to  see the poor imitations. But with that being  said I must  add a popular quote... "Imitation is the  sincerest form of flattery"!

Just remember ... their is ONLY ONE TRUE  Eleanor and Pickles and that my  fans....  was created by me, artist Heather Valentin.  My  Lacy Sunshine Shop is  the  Official and ONLY authorized  home of my stamps and crafts. 

I hope you like my Pickles.. King of the World sneak peek!

Have an enchanting day!
Until next time.....


***Copyrighted sole property of Heather Valentin (PurImagination/Lacy Sunshine)
All Rights Reserved.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Let's Party!

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all ok and not rushing around too much for Christmas.

My apologies, but today's card was a little rushed and I've not done full justice to Heather's gorgeous new Eleanor & Pickles Celebrate 2013 digi, so I will try and get another version done before New Year.  I just couldn't wait to crack on with it but really didn't have time to finish it off properly. 

Also, Pickles looks a little poorly after guzzling that glass of champers, but I'm sure he'll survive.  Actually, he's green but my camera's turned the green coloured bits yellow, lol.  Think I need a new one.  Also, there is colour on the glass for shading but it's not showing in the pic...I obviously overblended, though it does look fine to the naked eye.'s blue and green which is very different from my usual pinks and purples.  Felt like everyone would like a change...maybe I can do the next one in my favourite colours...

Remember, you can only buy this digi at Heather Valentin's new store Lacy Sunshine. 

Take care everyone & happy crafting!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dreaming of a White Christmas. Skate and 2013 Celebration.

Hi everyone~

The  stocking  are hung, gingerbread cookies in the oven and  a winter storm is brewing.  Temps  are falling and  the wind howling, rain  to sleet and then snow will start falling after midnight  tonight.  This is one of two storms that  will hit  Michigan  before  Christmas  eve.  So there is a GREAT chance that my  dreams of  a white Christmas   this  year will actually happen.  Yayyyy!

Christmas  lights  are so magical  on  freshly fallen  snow. They  glisten so.  I love this time of  year  when  family and  friends  gather in joyous  celebrations. 

Today... I  have posted some new digis in  my Lacy Sunshine Shop.  Remember its the only OFFICIAL and AUTHORIZED place to purchase my  digis... and  it's direct  from me the  artist:)  It doesn't get any better than   that:)

Here is my one and only, the original.... Eleanor and Pickles Ooppps Wrong Skates Digi  Stamp.. perfect for  today(wink) Here is the link .......
Then my Eleanor and Pickles 2013 Celebration Digi. Here is the link to purchase my adorable digi...

Have fun checking out  my digis  and Happy Shopping!

And  don't forget,  if  your a facebook  fan... come join my Lacy Sunshine Group. It's the perfect place  for  my fans and fellow crafters  to  post your wonderful creations using my   digis, to mingle and to share  crafting  tips!

Here is the link...

Have a wonderful  day! After my cookies are  done and decorated, I will be  getting comfy  by the  fireplace  drawing. I a ton of wonderful ideas and plans for 2013  and I need to get to work. It's not  really work  for  it's  something I  so  enjoy.. my  favorite thing in the  world.

Until next time friends....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Maddie and Clover

Good Evening Crafty Friends and Followers

Well I finally got in my craft room today and crafted for me!  Oh I spent time colouring a few digi's that are new.  I even made them into cards one of which I am showing you tonight.

This is Heather Valentin's new Digi called Maddie and Clover, as some of you may know who visit my blog regularly know that I love Heather's digi's and was delighted when she sent me this digi to play with.  

You can ONLY buy Heather's digi's from her store Lacy Sunshine.   Please remember NOT to buy Heather's digi's from anywhere else other than the above store, as this is the only authorised place to sell or give them away.


Pearlescent white A4 card scored at 4½, 9½, 14½ and 19½ cms and folded.
I have matted floral card from my stash on 2 of the folds and added a Thank You sentiment to the inside layer.
The front fold of the card I have matted and layered the same floral card with pink mirri card.
Maddie and Clover (chameleon) have been printed onto Stampography card and then coloured with Copic Ciao Pens.  I have used Copic Spica pens on the flowers.
To finish off I have wrapped ribbon around the middle fold and flowers from my stash.
Thank you for Stopping by Today
Hugs xxxx

Monday, December 17, 2012

Eleanor & Pickles - Love Bugs.

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all ok?

I've been busy crafting again and this time I've created a Valentine's card.  Shall have to flog this one as have no one to send it to.  Did I hear violins then?  Lol. it's a Valentine card I had a bit of fun with this you can see!

This is such a beautiful digi and so easy to colour.  Haven't been OTT with a card for ages, so really enjoyed throwing stuff at this one.  There are more details on my blog which can be found here.

Love Bugs is a beautiful digi so head over to Lacy Sunshine to grab yours now!

Take care everyone & happy crafting!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Maddie & Clover Go Christmas Shopping.

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all ok?

As this digi is being offered as a freebie in Heather's store when you make a purchase (offer ends 16 Dec) I thought I'd have a little play with it today and show you just how lovely the digi is...and the characters are so adorable!

They're just so lovely and so much fun and so easy to colour! 

Details of how I made the card can be found on my blog which is here so pop by if you have a few minutes, and you'll find samples of some of Heather's other digis too. 

Remember, this digi is free right now when you make a purchase from Heather's brand new store

Hope you like Maddie & Clover as much as I do...I think they're just fabulous.

Take care & happy crafting.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Grand Opening!

Hello Everyone!

Today, I am thrilled to announce the GRAND OPENING of my LACY SUNSHINE STORE! The official and ONLY authorised home for my Digital Stamps, Crafts and more.

My  NEW shop can  be  found  here at

I am also  pleased to announce that not  only  can  you  find  my digital stamps here, but you  will also be able to  find  my  dad, G.P. 's  digital stamps  here too.  So Lacy  Sunshine Store is a great  Father and Daughter  team project!   Yayyy! Happy Dance! (*wink*) (Love you Dad!)

Anyway,  I have filled my  store  with  tons of NEW stamps and  I  so  hope you  enjoy them all!  I  will be  adding  NEW stamps  on a regular basis.. so  please make   sure  you  bookmark my store and check back often.  Please feel free to  add yourself to my  mailing  list for up to date info, products releases and more. here is the link to my mailing  list....

All Christmas Stamps are  just  $2.00 each  and  this is  for a Limited Time Only. By  Dec. 26th  these  Christmas  stamps  will be  retired. So  hurry and  collect  yours  today!

Also as a  special  grand opening  gift... our  way of  saying  THANK YOU for being a  fan..... each purchase made between today Dec. 14th and Dec. 18th... will receive for FREE... my  new

Also... for  those of you who  are on  facebook, please feel  free to join our Lacy Sunshine Facebook  Group. Here  is the  perfect place  to post your  lovely  creations  made with our  digis and  to  mingle with  other Lacy Sunshine Fans.

Once  again thank you for being a  fan and  Happy Shopping!
Until Next Time...
~Heather and G.P.

Copyrights@ Heather Valentin. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reindeer Munch.

Getting closer to  Christmas, I  decided it was finally  time to make my fabulous  Reindeer Munch Mix and  to share it with you.

This  yummy  treat  is sooooo delicious and perfect for those brisk winter  days or  great snack  for  artists while  creating at their desk(wink).... for it has the perfect lil kick to  it to  warm  you up.  ( NOTE- This mix  is  not  hot by  all means and perfect Santa and  his reindeers too *wink*)

So here is my scrumptious recipe... that I make every  year, kind of a tradition around my house. Enjoy!

Until next time...

3 cups popped popcorn
3 cups Bugles® nacho cheese flavor corn snacks
2 cups pretzel sticks
1cup Cheerios® cereal
1/3 cup butter or margarine, melted
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1 garlic clove, very finely chopped, or 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder( I prefer  the garlic powder )


  • 1 Heat oven to 300ºF.
  • 2 In large bowl, mix popcorn, snacks, pretzels and cereal. In small bowl, mix remaining ingredients. Drizzle over popcorn mixture, tossing until evenly coated. Spread in ungreased 15x10X1-inch pan.
  • 3 Bake uncovered 15 minutes, stirring twice; cool. Store loosely covered at room temperature up to 2 weeks.  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Nutcracker

Good Evening Crafty Friends and Followers

I hope you have all had a fabulous Sunday! I have been to a workshop today with Mike and Ian to a lovely lady Lynne with a group of her friends we have had a great day, lots of merriment and good food. Lynne's husband Trevor looked after us.

Today's card again is using Eleanor and Pickles by the fabulous American Artist Heather Valentin. She has done a whole series of digis with Eleanor and Pickles. You can buy Heather's wonderful digis from here. Thi is the only place offically authorised to sell the digis so please support the artist!

Cream scalloped base card which I have dusted PanPastels Red around the edges.

The doily has been coloured with Copic Pen Forest Green. The second layer I matted and layered on the computer papers from NitWit. Using Spellbinder die i cut out paper from my stash and dusted again with PanPastels Red.

Eleanor and Pickles were printed off onto Stampography card and coloured with Copic Ciao Pens. I dusted the edges with PanPastels Green.

To finish off I added a "Merry Chirstmas" sentiment, pearl gems and a red bow with 2 leaf stick pins and a pearl stick pin.

Thank you for stopping by Today

Hugs xxxxx

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fight Like a Girl!

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all ok?

I made a card today using the fabulous Limited Edition digi which Heather has come up with to raise money for cancer research.  You can only buy the digi from Heather and here is the post giving you all the information you need.  ALL proceeds will be going to charity and the digi costs just $3.

I've kept this card simple as I didn't want to take away from the all important message the digi puts across.  If you'd like to see more information on the card please visit my blog here.

Just like to add that I'm having so much fun working with Heather's beautiful digis.  I'm like a kid in a sweet shop (candy store) with all these goodies!  

Take care everyone & happy crafting!

Best Friends Forever

Good Afternoon Crafty Friends and Followers

Another chilly day here today so will be staying in and getting crafty!! Domestic duties have all been completed so now it is time to craft. I hope you are all well and have time to get some crafting done today. No matter what you are doing I hope you have a fabulous day.

Today I am showcasing Heather Valentin's Eleanor and Pickles Best Friends Forever. You can buy Heather's wonderful digis from here. Remember that this is the only place offically authorised to sell the digis so please support the artist!

I decided to do a non-Christmas card for a bit of a change. I just love these images and I hope that my friends will too.

Around the card base I have dusted PanPastel in Dairylaide Yellow.
The first and second layers are printed onto HP Photograph Paper and are from NitWit
The green card is from Core'dinations green card
I have printed Eleanor and Pickles onto Stampography card then cut out using Spellbinder Scalloped Rectangle. I coloured Eleanor with my Copic Ciao pens. I dusted topper with PanPastels in Hansa Yellow Shade.
To finish off I have added gems to the corners, added a sentiment from my stash and the Bow is made with lemon ribbon I got on holiday in Turkey. I have added a Dazzler from Creative Expressions.
I am entering this into the following Challenges:
Thank you for stopping by Today

Friday, December 7, 2012

Eleanor and Pickles Dinosaur Fun!

Today I  have a BRAND NEW adorable and fun digi stamp to show you.

It's my original Eleanor and Pickles Dinosaur Fun!

This digi is available  for only $3.00... directly from myself, Heather Valentin.. the  artist. (smiles)
(Here is  the only official and authorized place to purchase my  digis.)

In order to  purchase this digi.... just send me  an email to  with  DINO FUN   in  the  subject line.  I  will send you an invoice within 24hours and once I receive payment I email  the  digi to you.
Happy Holidays Everyone and Happy Crafting!
 Until  next time!

PS- Check out the  next  blog post and  see  the amazing card.. Lexie created with this digi!

Any removal of my watermark or posting on other sites  is illegal and violators will be prosecuted.
Thank you.

Eleanor & Pickles Having Dinosaur Fun!

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all ok?

Today I have a brand spanking new digi by Heather Valentin which can only be purchased from here.  If you see it for sale anywhere else, please let Heather know as no one else is authorised to sell this digi and for them to do so would be illegal.

I love this digi so much.  Please excuse my crafting this's not my best.  I usually sort out the card first and then colour the digi to match, but this time I couldn't wait to get on with colouring the digi.  My little lad absolutely loves this one. it is!

Sorry about the photo but the light's going over here.  Shall try and take a better one tomorrow and change it then.

Hope you love this one as much as I do.  It really is so beautiful thank you Heather!

Take care everyone.
Happy crafting.

Magical Christmas Flight

Good Morning Crafty Friends and Followers

I hope you have all had a lovely week and got some crafting done. As you know I have been in Leeds until yesterday and wasn't well last night. An early night I think has done the trick, so far so good.

Today I am showcasing Heather Valentin's Eleanor and Pickles Magical Christmas Flight. You can buy Heather's wonderful digis from here. Remember that this is the only place offically authorised to sell the digis so please support the artist!

The card base is 8 x 8 pearlescent which I have layered a lilac card and with mirri snowflakes. Over this I have layered a piece of acetate with snowflake on and used lilac star brads to attach the acetate to the card.
The next layer is from one of my 6 x 6 paper stash.
I have printed off Eleanor onto Stampography card and then coloured with Copic's I cut out using Spellbinder Labels 23 die and dusted the edges with PanPastels. I have added glitter to the rooves and on the cuffs of Eleanor and Pickles gloves.
To finish off I have added a sentiment and punches some snowflakes with my Martha Stewart punch and added to them to the corners.
Thank you for stopping by today
Hugs xxx

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We Fight Like Girls and Two Holiday Treats.

Today, I am releasing a very special digi  today.
It's my Eleanor and Pickles We fight Like Girls Stamp.
This is a Limited Edition  Digi Stamp, available ONLY thru me, which, by the way,  is the only  authorized home of  any of my  digis and crafts.
 100% of all proceeds from this digi  stamp will be  donated to Michigan's  Relay for Life ..... Team Fighting Spirit.  Eleanor and Pickles wanted to  join  the in fight against breast cancer.
It's   very  easy to purchase my special Limited Edition Digi, which can be found below. All you have to  do is  send me  an  email to with Breast Cancer Digi in Subject line  and I will send you an invoice within 24 hours via paypal. It's just that  easy. Once I have received  your  payment, I will email the  digi stamp to you and  happy crafting!
 This digi is available for just  $3.00 US dollars.  And please remember 100% of the proceeds from this digi  will be donated to Relay For Life's Team Fighting Spirit in Michigan. This is a cause very close to my heart.
Oh by the way... I have another lil holiday treat. The following   two  digis   are  FREE for the Next 24 hours. 
Eleanor and Pickles Magical Sleigh Ride

and Eleanor and Pickles Decking the Halls

And for those of you  who   just love my  Two  FREE  Digi Stamp....  send me  an email to  with TWO FREE STAMPS  in  the  subject line and I will email them to you  within  24hours. 
Happy Holidays Everyone... Until  next time!

Any removal of my watermark or posting on other sites  is illegal and violators will be prosecuted.
Thank you.

Oh and  before I  forget.....
I really hate having to post this, but its come to my attention that some of my copyrighted images are running free out there. Piracy is theft, and the purchaser is just as guilty as the seller. If an artist can't protect her intellectual property, there's little cause to make art. Please let me know if you see any of my work out there sold or given away by any outlet other than my official site. Thanks for all our   loyal support!

Phew Number 2 done!

Right one of the mad English women here, taking over the blog. Now I'm the chatty one, so I'll hold on while you go and get a nice cup of tea and a few bicies!

Ready? Then I'll begin.
T'was the Night before Christmas, and Santa had a problem!!

 So this is the tale of Eleanor and Pickles Magical Christmas Flight.
Now this has taken a few days to do! Remember I am the one who is working with A4 images, which is the beauty of Digi's you can make them whatever size you want. But it does mean that there's a lot to do, and mistakes are more visible!

So firstly it's quite a daunting image to work with in A4! There's a LOT of night sky to be done. My first issue was considering how to do it!
Okay so good think later, had an idea, so now to tackle the colouring of Eleanor!
I'm something of a traditionalist! I happen to like the Green and Purple versions of Christmas colours, as opposed to the soft drinks company version! So that was the colour scheme I went with. This time I have done a better Job on the hair colouring, dark for me as Grand daughter is dark haired, getting there slowly, and trying to convey a sense of dimension to the Sleigh was the  challenge!
In the end I used the whole of the spectrum of True Blues my choice of pens offered in order to do the sky, working with the lightest out to the darkest, and then trying to blend the colours.
So a finished coloured image.............okay NOW what do I do with it? Stickles out, and do the holly, Cosmic Shimmer red berries dimensional glue for the berries, and nose. Gems on her glasses, which is going to be a continuing theme for me, and then decide..............glitter or fluffy stuff for the snow on the rooves. (And before everyone goes nuts, Rooves was the accepted version of the plural of roof, when I was at school,  and if you check in the oxford dictionary, British and world English, Rooves is an accepted plural!)
So Fluffy Stuff! Unfortunately Fluffy Stuff isnt glittery! but very dimensional and tactile once heated and expanded. So now I needed to get some glimmer into the base image.........Rangers pearlescent paint! tiny dots daubed all over the background, and in real life they seem to fade into the background, and suddenly catch the light bringing them to the fore, last step was to use some Crystal Accents for the windows glasses and Pickles eyes, bless him!
So now to mount the image, now I was going down the route of Shadow boxes, but I changed my mind at the last minute, and decided on a hanging card.
So Matted and layered onto some silver mirri, then onto the base of untrimmed A4 navy Pearlescent cardstock, some Crushed silk ribbon for the handle,  now theres some space round the sides........................Okay, some rub on shapes that are still sticky when you peel back, hah! so now some careful glittering! and I like it,
Dont forget the only Official Place to get hold of these images is directly from the lovely Heather, anywhere else isnt licensed to sell them!

Hope you do too, have fun,


Monday, December 3, 2012

Jolly Holly Treat!

Here is a lil special treat  for  all my crafting friends and  fans.


It's  only  going to be  available ( free)  for the next  24 hours so  hurry and get  yours now.

In order to receive your new Heather Valentin Digi, you **MUST**
Follow my Lacy Sunshine Blog. ( The only Official and  Authorized Home of my Digi/rubber Stamps and Crafts.)

Sign up for my Lacy Sunshine  Newsletter.

To be added to the mailing list and receive your free digi ( via email within the  next 24 hours), please email me at with the subject line Jolly Holly. 

Have a wonderful  day... and THANK YOU  for being my  loyal fan!

Any removal of my watermark or posting on other sites  is illegal and violators will be prosecuted.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Eleanor & Pickles at the North Pole.

Hi everyone!

Today's card was created using Heather Valentin's fab Eleanor & Pickles at the North Pole.  Feel a bit sorry for poor Pickles here as he only has a scarf and boots to keep him warm!  Donations of froggy sized thermals would be greatly received, I'm sure!  Lol.

So, here it is:

I really loved colouring this one using my promarkers and I'm pretty pleased with the results.  Still need to work on the hat and hair, and be a bit braver about leaving some more colour in the face (it looks so dark until it dries) but pretty pleased with most of it.  It's a great design if you're not that experienced at colouring and I really enjoyed using it.  And it's just so cute too!

The base easel is a little idea I came up with earlier in the year when I decided that normal easels could be a little boring for my taste.  So I had a play with my punches and found that it's very easy to create something just that little bit different.  There's a tutorial on how to do it at the top of the page on my blog which is here.  It's very easy and only takes minutes to do.  You'll also find more information on how I put the card together on my blog as well...and you'll find that here.

Hope you like this one.
Take care & happy crafting.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Eleanor & Pickles with Tashes.

Hi Everyone!

hope you're ok?

I made this card a couple of days ago as a card for a friend and to let Movember know I hadn't entirely ignored it, lol.

I love this image!  It's just so cheerful, even if I've been a little boring colouring her hair.  I'm still learning to use my promarkers (my choice of marker) and wanted to try a different technique so stuck with colours I know.  

There are more details on my blog which is here if you'd like to take a look.

Hope you like the image and the way I've presented the Dynamic Duo, lol.  They're just so beautiful and a lot of fun to play around with.

Take care & happy crafting!